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Disaster Preparedness

Emergency Supplies & Emergency Kits

It is one of those things that is always in the back of our mind but we never seem to get around to it - getting prepared for an emergency or disaster. emergency kit Often times it is when your watching the news of a tornado or flood in the mid-West, an earthquake in California, or hurricanes in the Gulf that people think about getting emergency supplies and emergency kits to have in case of a disaster.  Our pre-configured emergency kits have the essentials for being prepared and can be purchased to meet the size of your family, school or business.  Be prepared on the go with an emergency kit for your car.

Emergency Preparedness Planning

In the event of a major emergency, knowing what to do can go a long way to lessen the anxiety and stress of being in an emergency situation.  First of all, determine what types of disasters or emergencies are most probable in your area.  FEMA publishes guidelines that assess various possibilities for your area.  Something as simple as a major power outage can create food storage issues, safe water availability problems, or lack of heating / cooling in extreme weather.  We can all imagine what happens in an earthquake or flood, but consider a broader scope of variations as well.  Have a plan of what to do, where to meet, and who to contact should the need arise.  Have your emergency supplies stored in a safe place and easily accessible.

Disaster Preparedness Resources

There are several government agencies that provide excellent resources for emergency preparedness.  These resources offer guides that include emergency kit guidelines, planning tips, and what to do before, during and after a major disaster or emergency.

... be prepared with peace of mind.

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